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>Less Handguns, less handgun crime.

(More violent knife crime, though. This goes ignored by the anti-gun nuts.)

I hope you are either being sarcastic or are you actually equating a knife with an AR-15?

I'm not equating anything with anything, you are. I'm just saying that banning guns doesn't solve the violence problem - it just makes it less politically sensitive, since guns can be used from a distance and invoke all kinds of militaristic responses - whereas grandma's kitchen knife is a 'nice' kind of weapon, since .. you know .. its harder to kill masses of people with it.

But the crime still rolls on, regardless. Knives don't kill people - violent maniacs kill people. They also injure, maim, disfigure and disable people.

And the UK is no good at dealing with insane maniacs, just because they banned guns.

I'd much rather defend myself with a gun against a knife-wielding maniac than, you know .. get my shit all cut up to hell.

How about your odds of defending yourself with a gun against a gun wielding maniac? Because that's the current atmosphere in the us.

yeah but you cannot kill 40 people in 20 seconds with a knife... come on guns are just wrong

I can defend myself against a knife-wielding maniac with a gun far better than I can defend myself against a knife-wielding maniac with .. another knife.

So, just keep that in mind in the equation. Knife crime is absolutely heinous in the UK - it does not get the attention it deserves.

Banning guns didn't fix that. Just made it harder to defence oneself against a blade, which is part of the UK policy - the individual is not allowed to defend themselves, and must depend on the state for that service .. and then only when its severe, i.e. likely to get a politician in trouble.

Check the stats, down-voters: the UK has one of the worst statistics for violent knife crime trauma of all the western nations. Its nothing to be proud of.

Policy shouldn't be optimized to address these outlier events. Knife wielding maniacs aren't a real problem. Spousal abuse and suicide are.

Ah, but knife-wielding maniacs are a real problem in the UK. Knives should be banned in the UK.

Cannot easily do that with a handgun either.

The point is that you can easily do that with guns you can easily and legally buy in the US, and then applying a kit that you can also easily and buy in the US to make them fully automatic.

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