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Crystal Survey 2017 Results (crystal-lang.org)
60 points by snake_case 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

I remember discovering Crystal 3 or 4 years ago and loving the concept but waiting for the language and tooling to mature. It looks like years later a lot of people are still in this same boat.

While Ruby took app development by storm, I feel the pendulum shifted towards microservices with statically compiled binaries. But Go can be overly cumbersome for simple projects with a "role your own everything" mentality.

I hope Crystal 1.0 bridges the gap and can provide the portability of compiled binaries with the beauty and speed of development of Ruby.

These are useful tools, but for a pre-1.0 language, it might be worth casting a wider net than people who would even know to take the survey. For instance, I started writing a command line application in Crystal, and there was some deeply strange bug with how stdout was handled -- no combination of the suggested remedies in the github issue fixed my problem, so I stopped writing it in Crystal. I've never returned to the language -- but that means I didn't hear about the survey.

I had a similar experience. I spent 2 to 3 hr trying to get a basic dev environment with an opengl binding setup and I couldn't manage it. Stopped using it and went back to c.

I'm waiting for the day I can come back.

> Crystal community is growing rapidly. We’ve got a steady growing user base with a lot of new Crystal developers joining every week.

That's an interesting correlation to draw from 35% of developers using Crystal for less than 1 month. I would draw from it that there's a high amount of churn in Crystal developers, most developers drop Crystal after a short amount of time.

Agreed. I could not even put in production since it was requiring too much memory so my droplet in digital ocean was failing to compile. I Had problems with CORS in Kermal framework, Crecto was crashing for no reason (so I switched to manually writing mysql queries, but not the ideal) and no one could help me with those problems. I switched to Elixir/Phoenix and it was great, but I still want to see Crystal in a few years again, it's a great language.

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