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I think it has more to do with insecurity about future. Sure I can work less and live a pretty cozy life a software developer. But I have no idea what will happen to my profession and to me in 10 yrs. Who knows if I'd be able to keep up with tech in 10yrs, maybe my brain will slow down. My job can be outsourced tomorrow or I can be replaced by someone younger, cheaper and more * hard working* than me.

Better to work and make money and position while you still can. Thats the reality of the modern world. I don't care about the joneses by do I care about my inability to provide in future.

Old age these days is 3-4 decades, I've seen what happens to people who end up with little money when they are old. It makes me insecure and scared. I am not sure how easy or hard it is to decide to end your life before you are too old, I am guessing its not easy to convince yourself.

"better to die with money than live without it" as the saying goes. I agree. That's one of my biggest motivators for working hard. That and the challenge and fascination of software. Not ready to ride off into the sunset yet, even though I can probably afford to.

Reality of capitalism. Work or die! or join them in keeping the masses overworked

Reality of the universe. A desert island has no capitalism, but still has work or death.

There exist many more friendly ecosystems than a desert island my friend. Capitalism is indeed a desert island, with fortified garden paradises hidden behind insurmountable walls.

The fundamental question is whether or not man can evolve enough to not be a greedy piece of shit that's willing to claw and stab his way to the top.

I think its the reality of humanity. There is always someone more desperate, more hungry than you to take what you have.

> Old age these days is 3-4 decades

As a 44+ year-old software engineer who is still gainfully employed, and who doesn't see that changing any time soon, I'm not sure what to make of your assertion...?

Are you seriously saying being older than 30 years of age is considered "old"?

sorry I meant 60-90. You need savings to sustain you for like 3 decades and those are expensive decades with all health and care costs.

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