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This is not unique to humans.

Check out: https://youtu.be/meiU6TxysCg

It takes a lot of effort to learn not to resent accomplishments of people you’re “competing” with even if they’re friends and you’re not directly competing with them. It’s a learned behavior to feel good for them instead.

There’s probably a selected reason for this, but it’s possible to overcome it (or at least be aware of its affect).

It’s better to frame life success on something else - like what you want to learn or the type of person you want to be.

I have this strange dichotomy where I am happy if my friends succeed, but I am also kind of happy if they don‘t.

Seems like I learned to feel good for other people‘s accomplishments, but I haven‘t unlearned comparing myself to them, and feeling good if I accomplish something they do not.

I suppose it's better than feeling unhappy if they do succeed and unhappy if they don't.

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