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Hacker News Tokyo Japan Meetup – Friday 13th of August (makeleaps.com)
23 points by jason_tko on Aug 8, 2010 | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments

Hi jason_tko applied just now - new to this community but been in japan for a while. Be great to meet som fellow hackers. Yoroshiku onegaitashimasu.

See you all there.

You're coming up again? Sweet!

Is it too late to come in ? Would be it possible to know the approximate starting time (I would come from Kansai).

Thanks for organizing this jason_tko. I'm looking forward to meeting up with everyone again.

The last one was a lot of fun, may as well come by this one, too. :)

Have fun - wish I could be there!

Nice to see y'alls!

sorry, cannot make it this time. have fun!

Start time?

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