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Show HN: Eggshell – a script library for you Mac menu bar (yoavanaki.github.io)
3 points by hackathonguy 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 11 comments

A graphic image and a download link, and that’s all we get?


It's cute, Brad. That's all you need to know.

In all seriousness, yes: there's suspiciously little information here. I like trying out handy, low-memory-rent tools, but I'm not filled with confidence in this instance.

If you're not charging or patenting the code, why not open source?

> If you're not charging or patenting the code, why not open source?

Code might be working perfectly but if it is ugly as heck you might not want to show it off (for personal reasons, or not).

You might be using code from other, paid applications (example: faviconographer.com).

Maintenance(?), if you open source it people might want to e.g. create lots of issues or such. Mental tax but might only apply to larger popular projects.

Startup costs, maybe related to the code quality. I don't like throwing code out there. I like to make some form of documentation, clean the code, add some examples and neat readme.md's and so on. And this takes time and effort.

Yeah, not bad points. Especially licensing questions. I was asking, after all: why.

Personally, though, I'd be happy if I could convince people to take time to view my half-finished code and offer suggestions, support, or improvement. I run too many half-baked public repos as is because I usually get carted off to, or distracted by, other projects.

I guess the maintenance thing depends on your personality, and the state of your project. If it's under development, you don't have to worry about everybody so much. If you're trying to run a release, sure. Even then you can ignore everybody and just tell them you'll do as much and that it's only there for auditing.

But if you're trying to convince people to download your native, unreviewed application? My questions were very directed, and not general, so my intention wasn't to sound so sweeping as that.

I’m sure this app requires root privileges. I hope people aren’t downloading binary blobs from an Internet forum and then running them as root...

Totally not saying that’s the case here.

But honestly I’m surprised we don’t see more malware targeting developers. After all, we are the most likely to run arbitrary code on our computers. And a lot of us have valuable private keys (e.g. build systems) in our keychain.

Or in predictable locations. API keys as well. There's a ton of room for abuse.

Case: many Node native libraries are blocked off on NPM and issue warning messages if you try to install them via `npm install ...` — you will also find that there are a few closely-named packages to many popular ones in the hopes people will pull them down.

Hey friends,

Eggshell is an easy way to store scripts you execute often in a neat library in your Mac's menu bar. I realize it's very niche - most devs have better solutions - but I wanted to dip my toes in Swift development and this was the tool I needed at the time. Would be very happy if anyone else found this useful!

Nice idea, but you should probably add links to a github project on the presentation page.

I doubt you'll get anyone to just download and run an app, without at least taking a glance at the source first.

A screenshot would be nice.

I see a BSD licence but no code. Can you share it?

More info and screenshots would be nice.

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