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>The incentive structure you are describing is a huge part of the problem in the statist/industrial paradigm of human existence.

You misspelled "capitalist".

Sure, call it that too. I think that that word is a bit unwiedly in today's political dialogue, because it means something different to everybody.

To some, "capitalist" is an attribute of a society that resist state intervention in economic collaboration. It is equal to the phrase "free market" and viewed with great skepticism.

To others, "capitalist" is more tantamount to greed and cronyism; it is understood in a way that's contrary to traditional anarchic theory about the state.

You might detect that I usually find myself in the second category.

Because of this dichotomy, I like to think of the procession of ages of humankind represented by the dawn of the internet being from "statist/industrial" toward "humanitarian/information-driven".

But you can also certainly think of it as being from "capitalist" to "humanitarian" or whatever may go in that second slot, sure.

It sounds like you're fantasizing about anarcho-capitalism?

What type of system do you think cryptocoins facilitate?


I have run into AnCaps whose opinions I respected, but I've never quite been convinced that their version of the world is sufficiently selective for compassion.

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