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You got many rational reasons for starting learning Python with Python 2:

- It is easier syntax and string-handling for beginners. Else, look for someone who started learning Python with Python 3 and ask them about their experience. You probably won't find many here.

- There are more resources online for learning Python 2. Many MOOCs happily teach Python 2.

- ~5% of very popular libraries are not ported yet. Many unpopular libraries will never see a port. Some use this as an argument for switching to Python 3, but that is like being blind and being told to be happy that the number of inaccessible websites went from 10% to 5%, telling you there is no reason to look at those inaccessible websites.

- Many companies still use Python 2.

- Many distributions come with Python 2 installed.

- Switching from Python 2 to Python 3 is but a minor annoyance, mostly in paying the print-tax. Switching from Python 3-exclusive code to Python 2 is downright hell.

The reasons not to learn Python 2 and start with Python 3 are:

- Python 2 is deemed legacy and will see no security patches after 2020.

- Python 2/3 is painful for some developers and maintainers. They'll cloud this is in a "move Python forward" that is reminiscent of the "move the web forward"-movement (by deliberately breaking designs for older browsers, or forcing the user to download a font to make their layout work properly).

- Python 3 proponents don't care about you learning a new language, they care about adding 1 to the dwindling adoption count of Python 3. They see Python 2 as competition, a ghost from the past. Here the reasons they give you have nothing to do with you wanting the easiest path to mastering Python. These are either political or selfish reasons.

You'll be in the minority on HN if you go Python 2. But realize that HN's stance on Python is not a beginners stance. They use features of the language that you won't use for another 2 years. They have very strong opinions on 2 vs. 3, alternating between calling it a completely different language, and the same (but improved) language, whenever it suits their argument.

Pick wisely.

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