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This misuse of ‘professionalism’ to refer to the faux Victorian mannerliness fashionable amongst lesser suits is just one more troubling aspect of loss of conceptual resources inculcated by corporate culture.

It's objectively a matter of bad optics for a product marketed towards general professional audiences. I'm personally unoffended, but I recognize it as a mistake because I know business. I don't think you know how to size a suit.

If you're interested in making this about my personality, click on my username.

I hate these mid-level pencil-pushers that "aren't personally offended" but terribly fear others might be.

There's an airline named Virgin, a morning-after pill "Plan B", one of SpaceX's vessels is called "Of Course I Still Love You", and the Secret Service uses a weapon called YAR ("Yet another rifle"). Insisting everything should be named "Widget X2000-F1" is the telltale sign of mediocrity.

Every time I see "The Boring Company" mentioned somewhere, I crack a smile. The business world needs more fun and liveliness, so I'm appreciative when someone names a product something neat.

Whether it is ‘objectively’ so or not has little to do with professionalism, which kind of makes my point (which is that an important concept is falling into disrepair because the word for it is being misused). Anyway it seems I offended you, for which I apologise. My ire was roused by the usage, not the writer. I have no doubt I do worse often enough.

This really should have ended with a Jesse Pinkman-esque "Bitch".

Dare I admit I had no idea who that was? I only wasn’t laughed at because my mates already know TV references are wasted on me.

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