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It's not really bad anymore. I moved to 3 about two years ago now, and haven't looked back. There was a brief period of working with polyfilled six hacks, but currently the community and momentum are largely behind 3.

There was a point where there was some FUD around the migration, painting it as a sequel to PERL 6. However, the community managed to turn it around. To their credit, orchestrating large breaking changes to a popular language with a diverse set of use cases is fundamentally a very challenging task.

The main holdouts for Python 2 are large organizations which have a lot of existing/working legacy code. The majority of new Python projects seem to be using Python 3.

Now that the work is nearly done, we can all enjoy a better Python.

I very recently moved to 3.6, from 3.5. There's a saying that a luxury once sampled becomes a necessity, which sums up my opinion on the new f-string syntax.

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