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I don't think I could've survived engineering in Python without type hints. I came from a big 5 and engineering in C++ for several years and had to run a team of 5 not-so-great engineers in a python codebase. The hit that dynamic typing causes to readability, maintainability, bug risk, etc is _huge_, and type hinting goes some way towards fixing that.

Big 5?

He likely means {Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google Microsoft}.

Big5 And "and had to run a team of 5 not-so-great engineers" ?


No, I'm sorry, the way I wrote that was misleading. When I was at the bigco, I was quite happy with the quality of engineers around me. I joined a tiny startup after that and was the lead eng on a Python codebase, and that's where all the headaches of a dynamic codebase with untalented engineers came into play.

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