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Huh. I know if I have a server that only has python3, Ansible can configure that server with only the python3 interpreter available. So Ansible can use python3 on the box it's configuring, but not the host it's running from?

I believe they just haven't officially defined Ansible as Python 3 compliant because there are still open issues in Github related to Python 2.

I have been using Ansible exclusively with Python 3 for over a year and only stumbled into incompatible code once, a simple case of string VS bytes literals that got quickly fixed.

so you're executing ansible with:

  python3 /usr/bin/ansible $cmd
if you're using plain `ansible` from the repos or pip, you're using python2.

/edit: there is actually a source for that, go figure: http://docs.ansible.com/ansible/latest/python_3_support.html

yes, its the ansible binary that needs python2.

there is experimental python3 support since 2.2 though.

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