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I notice boto as one of the top items on the list as compatible.

It has many many python3 crash bugs, especially on the MWS side. I have had an open PR for like a year to fix one of them, and it has been ignored.

This makes me not very hopeful that being on the list means anything.

(I am exclusively python3, but I have to wrestle with this a fair bit still)

This was quite poorly communicated for pypi consumers of python libraries, you should switch to boto3 as stated in their readme for boto[1].

Be wary adventurer, while boto3 is super neat and a python3 treat, there unsteady footings beneath your feet (api differences).

1. https://github.com/boto/boto/blob/develop/README.rst

Boto3 does not support MWS. Pointing to a readme is totally not useful.

Until it does, either boto should be "fixed", or perhaps the MWS piece spun off.

That second paragraph is an awesome limerick.

boto is effectively a deprecated package. Use boto3, which has a far better architecture, is rigorously tested and maintained with lots of community activity.

Boto3 does not support MWS. My PRs are to the MWS part of boto, which IS still the active and only supported library to access MWS.

Until it does, either boto should be "fixed", or perhaps the MWS piece spun off.

I agree with you - MWS should be spun off. It's not part of AWS and the API has many differences (but because there are also lots of similarities, it would probably make sense to build a replacement using some of the botocore utility classes).

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