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500+ person startup event this weekend in Hong Kong (startupshk.com)
2 points by jaaron 2516 days ago | hide | past | web | 1 comment | favorite

I mention this event because it started with a couple of founders getting together for coffee last fall. We had just been at a startup event in HK that was very US centric and sorta top down. Dave McClure, who attended, suggested we build on that event with just some informal meetings between founders to help the community grow. So for the next couple of months, we've been meeting at coffee shops every other week. This built into planning a TechCrunch 50 style event and setting up a new co-working space (boot.hk). All of this motivated, organized and driven by local startup founders.

If anyone has any questions about startups in Hong Kong, let me know. Happy to share. If you can attend, the Hong Kong BarCamp will be Sept 18th this year.

Tweets about the event are tagged #sus2010

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