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If you actually read the docs, it's not Janus-based, it's based on BlazeGraph, which Amazon reportedly acquihired last year.

Is that public information? I don't see any press releases about it.

There was no PR. But there are traces, like Amazon acquired the domains, etc. Many former Blazegraph engineers are now Amazon Neptune engineers according to LinkedIn, etc. It was rumored widely in the graph db world fwiw.

To add on Kendall's comment.

Amazon owns the BLAZEGRAPH trademark: https://www.trademarkia.com/blazegraph-86498414.html

Blazegraph's CEO is currently at Amazon as Principal Product Manager: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bradley-bebee-a15764b/

Excellent news! And congratulations to all the Blazegraph people. Afaik, Wikidata SPARQL endpoint runs on Blazegraph. Am I right?

Then will Wikidata have to migrate to AWS to maintain the endpoint?

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