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Agreed. Developers are hard bunch to sell to. We go out of our way to find free tools and almost look down on people who use decent IDEs or other tools. One example, when I finally got legit license for Sublime Text, all of my friends made fun of me for paying for a free software.

I think it depends on your market. I would imagine it would be easier to sell to developers on Windows rather than Linux (possibly macOS). I can think of a few tools that we pay for to make our lives easier to develop on Windows: Visual Studio, Resharper (Ultimate, which comes with a few other JetBrains tools) and Artifactory. On the flip side, when I'm on my personal laptop I run Linux and have no tools that cost me money. It isn't that I'm opposed to it, I just haven't found anything worthwhile to pay for that is definitely better than the open-source/free versions.

> all of my friends made fun of me for paying for a free software

That's a pretty unethical attitude. A developer, who by definition makes her living by creating software, more than anyone else should be able to appreciate that developers have to make a living.

I'm not exactly sure what this widespread attitude is caused by. Perhaps a mixture of a lack of empathy, a feeling of powerlessness and not having significant say in an organisation's direction.

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