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Here is a book on the topic that has had much more thought put into it than a Sam's short blog post.

Equal Is Unfair: America's Misguided Fight Against Income Inequality


The opposite of rising inequality is not total equality. That's just an attempt to kill the discussion.

I'm not sure to whom or what you are responding.

The book I linked to is a couple hundred pages long, explores moral and practical issues, and has almost 20 pages of notes and citations. Far from attempting to "kill the discussion", which is in fact what your blithe comment is attempting, it explores the topic of inequality in a uniquely deep way.

Why would you name the book "Equal Is Unfair" if you wanted to explore the topic in a deep way?

It is a provocative claim that I think the book succeeds in showing to be true.

It is a worthwhile book and, even if you disagree with it, I think you'll find it intellectually stimulating. If you think you'll read it, I'll happily buy you a copy, just PM me.

Sure, equal is unfair. But that's not what people who are concerned about rising inequality are asking for. They mostly want inequality to stop from rising. So what's the point of showing that equal is unfair?

Titles tend to be a bit hyperbolic, I'd imagine the content of the book is a bit better.

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