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No, not yet. I went into my local Apple store and brought it up to one of the genius's and they haven't heard anything at all about the exploit from HQ. But, I can confirm that Intel's ME is present in all Apple macs. The physical hardware is completely unchanged according to the Apple genius bar employee.

It's unclear to me whether or not Apple uses Intel firmware for the non AMT portions of ME. I will report back to you when I find out. However, the evidence I've seen so far isn't looking too good, and it definitely looks like the vast majority of macs made in the last 5 years are all vulnerable, many appearing to run outdated Intel firmware to boot -- not good for Apple.

The evidence can be seen here,


where some people run a python program to check the version of their ME firmware (which works and returns numbers completely consistent with Intel firmware numbering). I wonder if Apple just isn't aware of the hack yet?

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