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Your site is basically empty. Current content:


Hi, I'm Viktor. More to come, in the meantime you can contact me via twitter, linkedin, or via email at <my name> at <the domain this site is on>.

More links and a pgp key at Keybase.

Made with ️ in Nice.

Should say something more like:


Hi, I'm Viktor Vojnovski. I do (stuff you do, reasons why people would look for you online). You can also find me on twitter @vojnovski. Here is my linkedin profile. You can email me via ViktorVojnovski at <this domain name>.

I can also be found on Keybase.

Made with ️ in Nice, France.

As others have said, it really should be ViktorVojnovski.com.

Edited to reflect updated location info.

Re your update. My suggested edits don't add a lot more words. But they do replace completely empty fluff ("More to come, in the meantime ...") with actual useful info. That empty fluff is apparently also a lie if there is no intent to actually add more info.

Fyi, it's "Republic of Macedonia".

If you wanna be correct and not upset the Greeks, it's "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia".

Which in turn upsets another set of people. There isn't, AFAIK, a non-offensive designation for this area.


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