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Its effects vary. My programming productivity drops when I'm on caffeine because I get anxious. It makes me procrastinate a lot more because I get intimidated by the work I need to do.

Yes, coffee increases anxiety. I only learnt that recently. I'm cutting down on it!

I find that green tea is often more useful than coffee if you just want a mild push, since it’s basically low dose caffeine. It also has L-theanine which is a mild anxiolitic and can counter caffeine’s anxiogenic effect. Some also find that taking an L-theanine supplement (OTC) along with coffee can also counter most of caffeine’s anxiogenic effect while keeping the wakefulness and focus.

Thirded. One of the ways I thought/tried I could stop caffeine is by drinking only on the weekends, when there is no work pressure...

But then you sleep 5 hours on sunday, and monday we are happy again on the coffee train.

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