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Join the Mux Team as Head of Developer Marketing
10 months ago | hide
Mux is building video streaming infrastructure as a suite of APIs. See https://mux.com and https://mux.com/video for our first two products.

We've done it before - our co-founders previously founded Zencoder (acquired 2012 for $30M), created Video.js, and started the Demuxed conference for video engineers.

We're looking for someone to lead up our marketing efforts to developers. Our ideal candidate would have some mix of both development + marketing in their background, and would be excited about some mix of writing, speaking, building side projects, growth hacking, and traditional marketing.

More details at https://mux.workable.com/j/F54837DA1F.

See https://mux.workable.com/ for other open positions (mostly engineering at this point).

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