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> But what about commits that are not acked? For example, is it possible for the master to apply a commit which is then seen by another query (from another client), then crash before the commit is sent to the slave?

A commit doesn't become visible until it is synchronously replicated, regardless of whether its ack fails or succeeds. So in the case you're describing the commit is never acked and never observed.

> there's nothing preventing the old master from still accepting writes; so you need to tell all the clients to failover at the same time

In Citus Cloud we detach the ENI to make sure no more writes are going to the old primary, and the attach it to the new primary.

Without such infrastructure, an alternative is to have a shutdown timer for primaries that are on the losing side of a network partition. The system can recover after the timeout.

If you're using a single coordinator, then this only applies to the coordinator. The workers can just fail over by updating the coordinator metadata.

> how does one choose what slave to failover to when a failover is needed?

You can pick the one with the highest LSN among a quorum, since it's guaranteed to have all acknowledged writes.

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