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I procrastinated quite a bit when writing my master thesis by trying to make it as beautiful as possible. Take a look to see what's possible with LaTeX: http://www.duo.uio.no/sok/work.html?WORKID=81971&lang=en. The source is available here: http://bitbucket.org/uggedal/thesis

Would like to convey some belated but serious gratitude for this. When I was working on some heavy-duty LaTeX academic publishing a year or so ago, this was one of the few available resources for full source code of a serious, professional-looking, non-math document. I find it incredibly helpful and inspiring.

As a side note, I am always amazed at the playful-but-ugly aesthetics that are common in the TeX community. While talking about having a professional-level typesetting engine, TeX-related publications are frequently painfully ugly. It somewhat undermines the cause.

Very nice layout. Not very "academic looking", but really nice to look at :)

Did you print this in color? Did you actually have graphics and screen shots in the paper? Academy changed (improved?) since I last read academic papers.

Yes and yes.

like the side notes. they make reading footnotes seem stressful by comparison.

The source link 500s. I'd like to see it.

Bitbucket had some issues due to EC2 network outages yesterday. Should be back now.

"Feil i databasen" - that doesn't sound good and I can't see anything there.

Seems like I've crashed the publication database of the University of Oslo. "Feil i databasen" translates to "database error". Seems to be fixed now.

Now I get "database error" in English. Progress!


Update: ... and now it works, finally :-)

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