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Show HN: Dark Mode List – A List of Apps That Support Dark Mode (darkmodelist.com)
53 points by andreyazimov on Nov 17, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 64 comments

Kind of sad how rare it is to see applications actually honor the OS's user-chosen color and font preferences--especially on the web. Ideally you shouldn't even have to "set this up." We had OS-wide color themes as far back as Windows 3.1, probably even earlier. Remember "Hot Dog Stand?" You just tell the OS what set of colors and fonts you wanted all the windows to use, and all but a handful of badly-behaving applications would automatically conform. For whatever reason, this automatic behavior is getting less and less common--the badly behaving applications that hard-code their color scheme or require an application-specific theme system are becoming the norm. The concept never seemed to make it over to the web, either. I can set up my preferences to be "light blue backgrounds, dark blue title bars, and purple serif fonts" yet HN still shows up black-on-beige with an orange header. I'm not a web developer, so maybe this is a Hard Problem but it's always kind of irked me.

It's more a branding problem. Companies spend a lot of money on their branding and wants to use it everywhere, it's their identity. The same with private blogs, they want to express their identity.

I'm not sure if it's still possible to override all css on pages with any browsers but I used to do that with Netscape since I wanted dark background to let my eyes rest. Blue light is not good for the eyes in the long run.

I don't think webpages can read your windows color preferences in any way yet?

> I don't think webpages can read your windows color preferences in any way yet?

Why should they need to?

Your user agent could apply CSS based on the OS theme.

That would probably leak information which could be used for fingerprinting users: a web page could use a style like { background-color: theme-default; }, then capture the actual color being used. Or font, font size, etc.

Probably. I imagine that Tor browser would provide standard styles rather than the OS supplied ones.

Detailed customization of app's color scheme is at the bottom of priorities of any app. A custom color theme's really don't add much value. Unless it's a dark mode — so it's easier on the eyes for people who are looking at your app all the time.

I like to use dark mode in a lot of apps and sites like Slack, Chrome, Gmail, Product Hunt, Medium etc. and I tried to find a list of where I could find the dark mode for some other apps with an instruction how to turn it on, and I couldn’t.

So I decided to build my own.

Let me know your feedback or maybe suggest some of your favorite apps that you are using in the dark mode and, HN :)

There's a lot here which I wouldn't use because they require third-party extensions/scripts. Perhaps separate those with native dark-modes from those without?

Just want to say thanks for not using the word "curated" in your title. Something about its recent usage just seems unnecessarily pretentious and adds nothing to the description of the list.

> and adds nothing to the description of the list

"Curated" generally implies the selections were hand-picked by a single person or small group of people, presumably because they are high-quality. There's a big difference between, say, "Curated list of the best sci-fi novels" and "100 most popular sci-fi books from Reddit." The word is definitely abused by some but it still conveys useful information when used properly.

That being said, it sounds like the author is trying to create a comprehensive list of apps rather than a curated one (which makes sense in this case), so the word wouldn't even apply in this scenario.

Pretty cool site - thanks for letting me know about YouTube Dark mode, I immediately activated it.

Citationsy (a webapp that let’s you create citations and reference lists) has a night mode, here’s a screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/ZpDBIZE.png



Hi, I'm glad that you find useful something on that list. And thanks for the suggestion! I've just added Citationsy.

Very nice curated collection. I typically install RaspAP, a webapp for controlling wifi and hostapd, on every new Raspberry Pi. The project recently added theme support including a dark theme that appears to emulate a VT100 terminal. Here's a screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/QG69WT5.png Project is at https://github.com/billz/raspap-webgui

Thank you for building this list! Always wanted a dark mode on Slack, and I love this hack. I have now set my Slack on "Low contrast" mode and it's not being hard on my eyes.

> or maybe suggest some of your favorite apps that you are using in the dark mode

Discord! Native dark theme support.

I never heard about this app but I added it to the list :) Thanks!

I use Amazing Marvin in dark mode :) for day planning and task management.

Thanks! Added!

TweetBot has a really nice dark theme

Yeah! Added as well.

No love for Citationsy?

Missed your comment. Added :)

on nice! time to upgrade my twitter

How dare you miss Emacs? The mostest, the beautifulest piece of undisclosed source, the end and the beginning, truth and lie, the life of innumerable generations of infinite iteration cycles, everything in a neat and cosy text operating system.

I've added circadian which is theme-switching for Emacs based on daytime or geo: https://github.com/guidoschmidt/circadian.el

FireFox Developer Edition Dev Tools comes in dark mode by default.


The dark mode can be enabled in the main release from the "Customize" view (using the Themes picker at the bottom).

Sorry, I try to found it in Firefox but I can't. Can you please make a screenshot?

Nice! Firefox getting better and better. Added!

Well, every text editor with theme support obviously applies, but there’s a neat Emacs package called “circadian” that I recently discovered, which automates theme switching by time or even geographically based sunrise/sunset.


Thanks! Added to the list.

DDG has a dark theme[0].

Also a project I open sourced a few weeks ago uses a default dark theme[1] (:

Tangent - Firefox mobile recently added a “Night Mode”[2] that seems to just invert the colors of a site. It has an odd effect on things already in night mode, hah[3].

[0] https://duckduckgo.com/settings#theme

[1] https://github.com/cdubz/babybuddy

[2] https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2017/07/20/firefox-ios-offers-...

[3] https://imgur.com/a/xhImR

0 - Already added Duck Duck Go 1 - Added. 2 - Seems it's that it just dim the brightness so wouldn't add it :b 3 - Yes very odd :)

Hm… it's Friday evening, i'm having a headache… but challenge accepted!

Let's see how long will it take me to make a dark mode for https://cryptojobslist.com


Done! Added dark mode for https://cryptojobslist.com Also shot a little tutorial video about how I done it. Never done anything like this before, so I guess it'll take some time to edit and upload to youtube. it was fun though

The Old Reader - Has a Firefox Dark mode extension https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/the-old-reade...

Scrivener - Can be styled to have a dark mode and the newest releases for iOS have one you can select.

Sabnzbd - Has a night mode for their web interface

Boostnote - Has a variety of themes. Great for markdown notes and coding notes.

SumatraPDF - Allows customization of the color scheme in the Advanced options section. Requires knowledge of HTML colors

I used this https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dark-void-minimali... for making chrome theme black. It added a chrome extension.

Now I can't find the extension in my chrome://extensions. Anyone else facing this?

I found the solution. It's not a plugin (installation like a plugin) it's a theme. So go chrome://settings/appearance -> Theme -> Default

same problem. trying to find. strange.

try reinstalling it?

Can't reinstall when already installed. Web store says 'added in chrome'.

A couple years ago I gave up on looking for app support and started using "invert colors" (under accessibility settings) so the whole screen is always inverted.

No special app support required. I only switch when I'm watching a video, and that's my internal reminder that I'm probably not doing something productive.

I'm still using this trick sometimes. Option-Command-8 as the shortcut.

Is this site open-source? Would be nice to be able to send PRs for new dark mode apps. :)

I don't think sites that can be modified with dark userstyles should be listed as "supporting dark mode" - that's misleading. Dark userstyles are not reliable since they break easily when those sites get updated.

Good point. But best to not remove them, just move them to a separate section at the bottom.

Good idea!

Regular expressions tester and cheat sheet Regex101 has a dark mode theme you can choose in the settings.


Looks awesome! Added!

It's crude but for when I want it to be dark and the app doesn't support it I have 'xcalib -invert -alter' mapped to a keyboard shortcut so I can toggle display inversion on/off

Yeah, very effective. I made a program for this on my Atari ST, shift+shift+alt or something like that. Works well since most stuff is black on white anyway. Not so nice when doing graphics but easy to switch back again.

https://crontab.guru is dark by default, although there is no light mode so I’m not sure if it counts?

Why not? :) Added :)

Small nit. you are showing Visual Studio Code on your site. The larger Visual Studio editions at least 2012-2017 also support dark mode.

You're right! Thanks for the tip. Fixed :)

http://unigram.me/ is in dark mode by default. :)


I see HN on that list, but I don't see how I can switch to the dark side.

It's a userstyle from stylish. Click on the link to take you to the style. You will still need to install Stylish for whatever browser you are using.

FastMail added a Dark Mode this week :)

(Settings → General & Preferences → Theme → Dark)

It was actually added about six months ago, blog post and all, but most people only heard about it once it was mentioned in the newsletter, which was last week.

I’d qualify the inclusion of FastMail because the mobile app doesn’t yet support the dark theme. (It will, it just doesn’t yet. There’s a fair bit of refactoring of the style system to make it work better pending.) Then again, half of the websites listed on this site depend on applying user styles or installing a browser extension…


I've added Circadian it is a theme-switching for Emacs based on daytime: https://github.com/guidoschmidt/circadian.el

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