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Serious question, what was the complaint against xrange?

I don’t recall it ever surprising me or behaving poorly.

The issue is that "xrange" does the right thing, but the seemingly-more-correct (unless you happen to know about "xrange") "range" does the wrong thing (create a list rather than a generator, which is inefficient). Same thing with "raw_input" doing the right thing, but "input" being completely wrong (and an attack vector because it's just a glorified "exec").

And instead of behind-the-scenes lazily creating the range, so you have a generator that reifies when its modified and has a nice __str__ etc they go make incompatible changes; got it! ;)

I know rather too much about how CPython and other VMs work under the hood and am in no mood to try and save the day any more. I still use python, but the latest stuff around MyPy and async io just make me despair frankly. I think rust+go will probably pick up a lot of people who used to care deeply about python. So it is.

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