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You don't need to do any of that. If you use `input()`, you get a string - all conversions are done for you. If you're reading from a file (or from stdin, treating it as a file object), again, in text mode you just get strings. Same thing for printing - if you print strings, they will get converted to the encoding appropriate for the target terminal.

So, what is it exactly that you're trying to do?

IRC logs with IRC control code characters in them don't work nicely with python 3 text strings, for example.

Why not? There's no restriction on what kinds of characters can appear inside a Python Unicode string.

Or do you mean that the text in the log is UTF-8, but the log itself as a whole is not, because those control characters are mixed into it in (effectively) a different encoding? Then the log isn't a single string, and shouldn't be treated as such.

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