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I think the argument here is that Py3 is better for many people (Unicode-by-default was generally the reason, but these days it's also the numerous language improvements, e.g. async/await). For those who find themselves on the fence with no particular personal reason to go either way, though, going where the others are is a legitimate way to choose.

What we often forget are the large numbers of people who just use Python (or any other tech tool) as a means to an end.

In this case I'm included. Python is not my first, second, or third love. But it is the most available and the simplest tool available to glue things together. CSVs, json, web apis (private and commercial), etc., are all so easy to do with Python.

So my guess is that there are a lot of users who may not even realize the benefits that Python3.x gives vs 2. "We" don't know or care about features we don't need. But we do feel the pain of modules that only work for one version.

In hindsight, I would have voted for a hard break from 2->3 perhaps 2 years ago. I suspect the ultimate human time effort would have been less than we waste now straddling or stumbling with two versions.

2 years ago is still very far into the 2->3 split. The 9 year anniversary of Python 3 is just over a fortnight from today.

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