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That is like the biggest fake argument ever. There is plenty of resources and Python 2 support is neither a burden nor this burden in any way increasing. The are plenty of people ready to step up to continue Py2 support (Even I would be glad to help).

This is a pure political decision based on ideology.

As the codebase grows, you need to maintain 2 growing codebases, how is that not increasing the burden?

Official support will be dropped by 2020, by then you will be relying on the community (who ?) to provide bug and security fixes. I'm not aware of anybody stepping up and declaring they will take over maintenance.

At this point, insisting on python 2 is the ideological "side". There's no practical nor realisitic reasoning behind it. Major parts of the community are moving to python 3 and dropping python 2.

You can stay with python 2 and maintain the language / libraries, but don't begrudge those that move on.

Can you be more precise with what you mean by "the community". It wasn't the community that said it was dropping support.

I've plan to migrate away from py2 by 2020 too, just not to py3.

The resources aren't "code" but people and time. You have a limited set of folks who consistently contribute and become reviewers/committers. This is all based on volunteer time - no one is paying these folks to do it. So, asking these folks to divide their limited volunteered time between multiple versions of python is unfair. I think this is the right decision to take.

If you feel you have "plenty of resources" you can fork the python2 version of numpy and maintain it.

> There is plenty of resources and Python 2 support is neither a burden nor this burden in any way increasing.

Aside from what others have said, NumFOCUS is woefully underfunded. If you're interested in seeing continued development of NumPy and other amazing scientific Python packages, you should think about contributing!


(Not a NumFOCUS person although I occasionally volunteer with them and definitely donate on a recurring basis.)

You can fork numpy and maintain Python 2 support.

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