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Yes, yes. My Python life is mostly about impelemnting odd protocols with Twisted. Will probably get serious about asyncio soon, but I have a lot of historical Twisted to deal with ATM.

I've noticed that the "Who cares about Python 3" types are not the people working on the kinds of problems I am. So my conclussion is that for many kinds of problems the benefits of Python 2 are kind of meh, so people stay in their comfort zone. For some kinds of problems, Python 3 is a huge, huge win over Python 2. Whether or not someone is a Python 3 advocate says more about the kinds of problems they work on than anything else.

How is the Twisted Py3 support coming along in practice? It looks like they are steadily ticking items off the todo list, but is it ready for production use yet?

Everything I need is production worthy. That's obviously an idiosyncratic assessment.

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