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Even if that is the case, it would have been nice if the media had actually dug into details instead of just sensationalizing the hell out of it.

Back in '94 the media was in better shape and had more than enough resources to do it right, but they didn't.

> Back in '94 the media was in better shape

No, it wasn't. The mid-1990s was pretty much the modern minimum for health of the US media; it was the end of decades of decline driven by corporate consolidation and cutting local resoures in traditional media, and before competing new media provided alternatives and spurred new efforts in traditional media.

What is your metric for health?

Just going off my own recollection, it looks like broadcast has fragmented into a million irrelevant outposts, all racing each other to the bottom.

Print seems to be in even worse shape. In the southeast, almost every paper outside of the largest state metro has been shuttered and centralized into a state-wide newsroom running on a skeleton crew.

I don't know how those trajectories gets classified as improvements...

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