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I don't know, I kind of think that the best ever is Macbook Air 2015.

I would also argue that Macbook Air was the first laptop ever since it was the first truly portable - not just transportable personal computer ever. For the first time a notebook was light, performant and run long enough on battery to be actually usable out of your office or home.

Yep, the screen is not retina but it's also significantly lighter, thinner and has longer battery life.

The design, so perfect that hasn't changed since 2010.

I agree. I have the 2012 model, bought new in 2013 for cheap. 8 gigs of ram with an i7. I recently had the battery replaced. I has some blemishes on the screen. Every ones in a while I'm looking at upgrading to a Mac Pro, but then again, this little laptop is still going strong, so why should I?

Exactly my experience, except I just spilled coffee on it and now the keyboard needs replacing. That's expensive and a bit hard to justify on a 5 year old machine, so I'm going to break out the screwdrivers soon and give it a go.

With every previous laptop I would have just taken it as a good moment to buy a new device, but I honestly don't see the point right now.

I've been using a 13" MBPr for the last few years (on number 2) and I still miss the MacBook Air I was using previously.

The Air was easily Apple's greatest laptop in my opinion. They made the perfect compromises on size, weight, and performance for my use case.

I was hoping when they released the MacBook it would continue the tradition... but that price! I wanted a Retina screen, but after comparing specs and price with the 13" MBPr, the pro was the clear winner, and a pretty great laptop too. No way I'm getting a touchbar though, and with Mac alternatives like the Pixel pushing touch screen / tablet mode... I might have to go back to the Air.

I tried to like the Air but the aluminum bezel around the screen is a non-starter for me. If there has to be something around the screen it better fade into the background (like the MBP's black glass or a typical desktop monitor's black plastic).

Maybe, but it also looks more humble the way it is. Less serious, let's say.

It's shape also allows more casual usage, there's something magical about being able to pick a laptop with one hand and swing it.

I completely agree with you. The battery to power balance was amazing. It really lasted all day unlike the MacBook/MacBook Pro we have today.

Completely agree. Just bought my third one, just a perfect product in my mind.

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