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Ask HN: What do you use to test website performance?
4 points by jmdocherty 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments
I've used webpagetest.org and gtmetrix.com in the past. It's been a while so I thought I'd ask HN in case there are more modern ways of checking for opportunities for performance improvement/adherence to "best practices".

I know they're imperfect but I also use these tools for getting a feel for the care that has gone into crafting a site.

Anyone have any resources for doing a quick "yep it looks OK" website checks?

I use Lighthouse and Dareboost as a minimum, and a suite of site specific integration tests that run on Browserstack if it's anything important. I do all my development using eslint and flowtype where appropriate, and I write unit tests for the Javascript logic (usually in Jest as I do React these days). I also use Sonarqube to check the code. I've been tinkering with Stylelint to check and format my SCSS code.

Even with all that in place the QA/QC guy always seems to find problems.

Thanks for all those tips and the insight. I use Lighthouse and Browserstack but hadn't heard of flowtype or Sonarqube...will check them out.

I just found this: https://sonarwhal.com (seems to be unrelated to Sonarqube) ... I thought it might help anyone stumbling on this Q in future.

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