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Show HN: BSWX – PWA to compose and record guitar riffs (bswx.co)
3 points by bswx 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment

I needed an app to compose and record power chord riffs. I normally use various DAWs, physical instruments and plugins to do that, but they're not portable, they're not easy to use and they're terrible when it comes to sketch music.

So I made BSWX. The main features:

* It's ready to compose, record or play back in less than 1 second, on any device.

* It's a Progressive Web Application, which means it can be accessed via the browser or installed as an app on mobile and desktop.

* It records on the cloud but works well when Internet is down: it synchronizes automatically when you go back online.

* It can export MIDI files from your recordings for use on any Digital Audio Workstation.


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