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Why We Acquired Neumob (cloudflare.com)
13 points by jgrahamc 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

> While product pricing is still be worked out, Prince envisions a free product with premium add-ons for the consumer version. Regardless, he said they have an ambitious internal goal of 200 million downloads of the VPN app by a year from now.


> Most VPN software, frankly, is awful. Using a VPN feels like a backward step to the dial up era of obscure error messages, slow downs, and clunky software. It really doesn’t have to be that way.

Ugh...interesting analogy.

Personally, I prefer my "dial up era" wireguard or openvpn over a "modern era" service that aims to be a gate-keeper of internet content delivery. CF always tries to interact with the browser/application. Still trying to cope with "Alphabet inc" tracking users cross device and apppication. I Would rather see reduced performance if it means one less corporate middleman.

That said,I would have no problem with Neumob or any CF service if all application traffic used browser(or app) to real-server end to end encryption and CF did not store cookies and did not run js. After all,CDN services like akamai,fastly and cloudfront manage to operate just fine without being intrusive like CF.

Yikes indeed.

WireGuard is neither "dial up era" nor "clunky". It also usually runs as fast as can be.

So... Neumob is sort of like QUIC (http-over-udp) but proprietary?

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