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DIY Security Camera Clients for Linux (makeuseof.com)
38 points by walterbell 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

I've been trying to solve this problem for a while

Motion is great for one or two cameras, but changes take a while and viewing the output is hard. However I really like motioneye:


it works well on a pi and is basically a nice gui for motion (with the ability to paint motion masks in the browser, which is a very nice touch)

the only down side is that video viewing isn't supported directly in the browser, but that might change if someone is willing to help out.

>viewing the output is hard

>video viewing isn't supported directly in the browser

Reading your comment caused me to log in to my security server and make sure I'm not nuts about the ease of viewing Motion feeds. Viewing its feeds in a browser is simple, from anywhere on the network. I'm curious what problems you had.

On a similar note, I stuck with plain-old Motion because of its super-low overhead. GUI aside, is Motioneye much of an upgrade? How does its resource footprint compare to Motion's?

motion create lots of files in a highly structured folder system, which is tip-top.

Where it falls down is remote viewing history on unprivileged machines. The nice thing about motioneye is that it creates a nice GUI for remote config and viewing.

However if I had a working motion config thats properly tuned, with all the simple auth setup for remote viewing, would I replace it with motion eye? no.

I think very few people who've been using ZoneMinder will think of it as "awesome" with feasible API integration and such. Yes, it works. It's gotten a lot better recently. It's still quite buggy and the configuration is archaic. However, as an open source / free option, I cannot say I don't appreciate it being available, and I am certainly thankful to the ZoneMinder team since I run this system at home with 4 cameras. Sometimes I wish for more though.

Same here. I'm using ZM with 3 old ubiquiti cams. It works, not awesome but it does what it says.

I switched from unifi video to ZM because unifi was very buggy back then.

Any recommendations on zwave or wifi motion sensors for openHAB? This thread recommended Aeotec Multisensor 6, https://community.openhab.org/t/best-motion-sensor/8711 - https://aeotec.com/z-wave-sensor

> Ivideon: "We officially support Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 LTS" closes tab

Kerberos.io was looking pretty cool until I read that they want a Raspi or Docker container running for every single camera you have. I have quite a few IP cameras. To run a web interface & container for each one is silly. It requires a lot more infrastructure and I don't buy that it would be more reliable.

Have you taken a look at Resin.io? I use ResinOS on my pi stick and I've been able to manage it like I do my cloud infrastructure -- cattles, not pet.

It additionally uses docker to accomplish most things. I made https://github.com/amingilani/chronopill on Resin to use my Raspberry Pi as a timemachine backup device. :)

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