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Copia (YC W16) Is Hiring a Content Manager and Graphic Designer
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Copia is working to solve the world’s dumbest problem - hunger! Copia's technology connects businesses with excess food to charitable organizations in need. We're a for-profit company built to end hunger and food waste across America. We’re already on our way to feeding 1M people with great food that would have otherwise been wasted!

Job Description

This role involves a wide range of responsibilities from research to design to social media marketing and production. We are looking to add someone who will help create external-facing print and digital communication pieces (newsletters, Mailchimp etc.) and, social media pieces (long and short-form), informational graphics, presentations, eye-catching print and digital marketing and design, along with culturally-relevant and on-brand design solution and materials.

You will also administer our social media accounts and create captivating content (written and video), manage posts and engage and respond to followers. We want you to be up-to-date with the latest digital technologies, social media platforms, and trends. You will manage our company image in a cohesive way to achieve our marketing goals.


(1) Create text + visual content to support business development and customer marketing in the Bay Area and beyond (via impact reports, posters, infographics, photos, etc.)

(2) Plan and execute ideas to showcase Copia's impact (customer success stories, recipient testimonials, etc.)

(3) Manage Copia's Social Media Accounts -- plan, develop ideas and create engaging content

(4) Develop and create ideas to promote the Copia brand across various channels

(5) Promote and engage existing customers, while gradually converting observers and fans into customers and active stakeholders and ambassadors.


Creative in Nature - Have an eye for creativity and be able to distinguish between great and good design. - A knack for font pairing and typesetting, knowledgeable of color spaces, and comfortable and experienced in creating both print and digital design.

Efficient + Adaptive - Task and goal-oriented, as well as analytical and SEO-driven. - Set objectives and collaborate with other teams to ensure brand consistency. - Familiarity with social media management platform(s) (e.g., Sprout Social, Falcon.io, Hootsuite). - Be willing to try out new features and changeup posts to fit trending topics related to Copia’s mission and modern times.

Wordsmith Extraordinaire - A wordsmith of not only 140 characters, but also thought-provoking posts and full-length articles. - Proficiency in conversation-driven copy and experienced with marketing copy.

Technical Skills - Basic Excel skills - Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. - Familiarity with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint (Apple Keynote a plus). - Knowledge of online marketing channels - Experience in handling digital and social media presence to ensure high levels of web traffic and engagement

Soft Skills - Proven ability to take initiative and ownership - Excellent communication skills - Comfortable with multitasking & a fast-paced startup environment

Work Experience - Graphic design experience (2+ yrs) - Copywriting / content curation / customer marketing experience (3+ yrs) - Social-media based community management experience (1+ yr) - Experience in delivering creative content across formats (text, image, video -- photography a plus) - Excellent copywriting skills

Brownie Points (nice to have!) - Familiarity with web design - Understanding of SEO, keyword research, and Google Analytics - You’ve got an amazing sense of humor and can improvise in any given situation. - Candid photography, video editing, illustration skills, would be pretty awesome too.

NOTES Please note due to volume, applications without a portfolio cannot be considered. Please share a PDF or online portfolio demonstrating graphic design, content curation and customer marketing ability and a cover letter stating your interest in working on Copia’s Design & Marketing team.

You may submit your portfolio (link or PDF) along with your application, or email it to Jenny@GoCopia.com and Komal@GoCopia.com

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