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Show HN: What do you think about this page? I am a newbie to web design. (dropbox.com)
1 point by nickchangs 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

I think it's pretty solid. One small nit-pick though... you are using purple as a link colour. This goes against the universal browser design language (i.e. purple link is a visited link).

Right. Thanks for the observation. Any idea how this will be worth..Any random figure that comes to your mind?

I don't think you can put a price on it. The price is dictated more by the context than the resulting mockup.

In one context someone might have paid a few thousand for this design. In another, a few hundred. It is valuable as a solution to a problem, so asking how much it is 'worth' is like asking the value of a chess move. Again, it's all about the context.

What I can say is that I know of designers charging AU$50/h for work of a seemingly similar quality.

The context of this was to have a more conversion friendly design. The existing design is mlveda.com. So, I focused both on the design and copy as well.

I think it looks great! I would pay money for it :)

Thanks...any idea how much this would be worth... :)

Good job. I can imagine giving you a web-design job. I have no idea what this would be worth though. I wouldn't be paying much more than $300 if I was a start-up. If you want to check how much this could be worth - ask that on upwork for example. Post a job and wait for the reply from the random set of UI designers, ask for quote and check their portfolio to get an idea how good and expensive they are.

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