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OpenShot 2.4.1 Released (openshotvideo.com)
57 points by MzHN on Nov 13, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

Does this program have a good proxy media editing workflow (automatic transcoding to lower res intra-frame codec)? It is an absolute must have feature to be able to work with multitrack editing with 4K source material. I see it was proposed for version 2: http://www.openshotvideo.com/2014/03/?m=1

Does it now have pan-zoom-squiggles (curved keyframes) like Cinelerra. Last time I tried Openhot, I found it impossible to mix photos and videos, and zoom and pan smoothly like this: https://youtu.be/vyJaoVq40eM

Cinelerra sucks mostly in coding. Better just save MJPEG and use ffmpeg theafter.

So glad that this app exists. It was kinda hard finding a good multiplatform video editing app with a decent amount of features before that.

I feel like every video editor for Linux has been severely buggy, and OpenShot to this day has problems but still the fewest. The thing I appreciate most about OpenShot is how they've stuck with an interface reminiscent of the original Windows Movie Maker, which is easy to understand and great for your basic everyday home editing. I absolutely despise how most home video editing software has gone the way of significantly changing the interface, making the timeline more difficult to use, with seemingly no benefit.

What I find interesting is how there is so much support around Blender, including that from the effects industry, yet hardly any for OpenShot or Cinelerra. Before OpenShot, video editing on Linux was a wasteland... I remember around 2008 your choice was Cinelerra(hard to install and is actually a compositor), Pitivi(most stable but lacked many features and the devs went AWOL for a while), and KDEnlive(most advanced but had constant problems and looked hideous outside of KDE).

EDIT: I just want to make it clear that a lot has changed since 2008 and it looks like Pitivi and KDEnlive are still active projects.

I was really happy when I found OpenShot, because of it's clean and intuitive interface. Unfortunately it was somewhat unstable at the time (which seems to be fixed by today's patch, yeay!), so I was even more delighted when I found Shotcut, which is also free, open source and cross-platform, has an equally nice interface, but has an even bigger set of features.

Oh? I used Cinelerra for quite a while.

Cinelerra was really meant to be a compositor, not so much a general-purpose NLE.

Lumiera is a fork of Cinelerra that's slightly more editor-focused, but development has been very slow. http://lumiera.org/

Which isn't to say Cinelerra was perfect. I guess I'm asking what issues you had that were better handled elsewhere.


* open and free software

* good tools for color grading and perspective correction


* getting multiple sources in sync could have been easier

* I don't know if I ever tried to edit HD

* I got tripped up by the Linux color space (gamma?), resulting in dark videos

I am amazed to see how far this project has come. Things are looking really good. Congratulations on this latest release!

Started seeing AppImages more and more. Seems like it might be pulling ahead in the AppImage/Snap/Flatpak cross-distro-packaging race.

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