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The Story of a New Brain (logicmag.io)
57 points by Hooke on Nov 14, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

Disappointed by journalism in this area, but perhaps not surprising because so few neuroscience classes are a part of mainstream education. Would anyone here start an exercise routine or even a new hobby and expect major improvements after one week?

I agree that it's unreasonable to expect improvements after a week. On the other hand, I have meditated for years and a while ago I tried the Muse for a while. My conclusion was that it's a nice toy but I couldn't get anything useful from it. It could be that the software isn't good enough though.

The problem with any scalp-based recordings is the amount of noise and especially from only a few recording sites. The software can only do so much. Any one here have better experiences with Emotiv?

I feel like this is one of the weaknesses of gonzo-ish journalism where the author spends some time partaking in some sort of lifestyle change.

Almost invariably, they spend too little time often using sub-par pursuits/techniques and end up not accomplishing anything or justifying their previous biases that allow for maintaining the status quo.

This is understandable given the constraints of deadlines and funding and the difficulty in finding the right things to do in the right order. It's unfortunate because it frequently leaves people with the impression that nothing works.

(Exceptions include books like Born to Run, Moonwalking with Einstein, etc.)

Actually, I wasn't expecting major improvements, but an adult practicing the memory palace technique can easily learn to memorize the order of a deck of cards with two or three 20 minute training sessions.

>expect major improvements after one week?

Beginner's gains ?

Visible results? That would be more in the order of "after 6 months".

This article babbles so much. I know you want to be dramatic but really I only care about the details of the article as they relate to the EEG devices NOT the details of your trip to the doctor's office or if he answers a call about taking insurance..?

Article is very information light and could stand some editing. I got the feeling that the author was going for a non-technical, "Is-any-of-this-real-or-are-they-just-taking-our-money?" subtext, but didn't push it far enough, so she ended up with mush.

If you're interested in developing software for the Muse or other commercial EEG systems, check out the NeuroTechX community. We've got several open-source projects that we'd love to have some more contributors on. A lot of us are working hard on making commercial EEG less 'garbage'.


Theoretically, can one use that EEG as input device to drive interaction with software? Genuinely interested in future of having /dev/neurointerface . Newbie daddy now, often having both hands busy, but willing to do some work.

Absolutely, though the fine-grained ness of that interaction won't be very good for a while.

People are working right now on replicating some classic BCI paradigms with these consumer headsets (i.e. motor imagery and the P300 speller). These are slow and require training to use, though.

What I think is more promising in the near term is using these devices to passively influence software. Like in Muse's app, EEG could be used to determine whether you're engaged, distracted, fearful, or frustrated. This affective data could lead to a whole host of interesting possibilities in gaming and health.

Well, in an extremely primitive and minimal sense, the (appropriately named, especially in this case) Brainfuck language is Turing complete, providing an adequate window into hypothetically any programming tasks a programmer might wish to accomplish, even if the act of doing so would be rendered completely tedious, very abstract and highly repetitive.


Eight instructions to eventually accomplish all tasks involving information. In some circles, eight whopping options might be considered luxurious.

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