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Boston Dynamics: the New SpotMini [video] (youtube.com)
41 points by kmather73 on Nov 13, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

This seems to be missing the creepy tentacle head or whatever the appendage was on top of the previous version, so it's not clear what it would be useful for besides trotting around the yard looking like a dog. It might be good for surveillance, though I bet I could buy a lot of security cameras for less money.

Well, certainly you could put any number of different application payloads on this kind of platform. The end-effector you talk about is interesting as a mobile manipulator for rough terrain. If you have that problem, that is.

These machines were originally designed to carry equipment in combat situations. I think the New SpotMini could also be suitable for this (though we'll probably see when they release more information about this). It also seems a lot more quiet than its predecessors; the noise was one of the reasons why previous iterations were deemed unsuitable for military use.

The arm on the previous version was detachable so I think it’s fair to assume you can attach one to this new version too. Also I presume it’ll have all the same use cases as other bi-/quadpeds such as rescue mission reconnaissance and other situations where wheels and propellers don’t cut it.

I walk past a military compound on my way to work. They definitely have cameras but it is a large area and I also see guards walking a circuit (they have to tag positions around the perimeter). Pretty sure if one of these was doing circuits it would effectively keep the fear-of-intrusion high.

Right, but how many of those cameras could quietly travel in difficult terrain ahead of troops?

Their videos never cease to terrify me. Compare their robots to AIBO, QRIO and ASIMO. Boston Dynamics machines always look like they've popped out of our worst nightmares. Even this latest, somewhat-less-evil looking one.

Pretty sure I read about this robot already in 'Farenheit 451'

Science has gone too far.

I am sure somebody said that about photography, when it was first demoed to the public.

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