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razvvan on Nov 13, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite

Clickbatey title.

It is. So sorry about that. It was written as part of a "celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week" thing by Stripe and it was suggested that such a title would have more inspirational value. That's no excuse for that title and I apologize.

You won't believe what happened next: your completely say-nothing title made me not click it.

Had they merely replaced "this" with the actual antecedent of that pronoun, I might have clicked. But they didn't, because "this" probably isn't that interesting, which is why I didn't click.

I did read the article and still was unsure what the antecedent was. I believe they are selling services to adapt software to users based on connected data.

Ah, I see the click-baiters have upped their game: use a socket-puppet account to say "yeah, I don't know either", because that makes me want to go read it. :-)

(I kid about the sock-puppetry, but I'm serious about wanting to read it now. But I won't, because standards.)

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