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Algorithm/Coding Interview preparation course (getinterviewed.online)
17 points by gajju3588 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

I feel this is just catering to a major problem the industry has with interviews.

Interview questions are largely irrelevant to the main job. When was the last time you needed to code from scratch a mergesort in your job? A binary tree? A LinkedList?

Sure, there's some value in asking those questions - can they problem solve, can they communicate their solution effectively, etc... I just think there are way better ways to find out whether a candidate is suitable for a job than to ask them to code up an algorithm they haven't had to do since CS 101.

The kinds of technical questions I find more effective are:

* How does a cache work?

* When would you use a HashMap/Dictionary/Hash/Object over an array/slice/collection?

* How would design an HTTP API to do X

* How would you design a database table to do Y

Those are good for design questions for somewhat experienced candidates..but I guess you still gotta test the problem solving or algorithmic approach of the candidates.


Tailored specifically to passing interviews.

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