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Show HN: 2D Isometric Editor (github.com)
78 points by Grille on Nov 13, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 30 comments

That looks nice but without any instructions on how to install it or generate that sample—or even what format of data it wants for the elevation data—I'm not really sure what kind of useful comment I can make on the project itself.

I have revised the readme, now everything important should be in it.

How did you do water in the demo gif? It's not listed as one of the available textures...

Textures are the index of this array: https://github.com/Grille98/2D-isometricEditor/blob/f7fe5398...

[grass, dirt, sand, stone, dark grass, water, grass, wall 1, wall 2, wall 3, wall 4, window 1]

Looks like there are a bunch more possible:


I wonder whether the Dwarf Fortress user community would find that useful. Certainly the code could be repurposed..

At a first glance, it looks like it only handles heightmaps, while dwarf fortress is more voxel-esque. Interiors might not (currently) be handled by this program.

DFvakso has the outside world / big picture. A height map would handle this just fine.

Well, there are already 3-D renderers for DF so I'm not sure what another one will add just by virtue of existing.

(Not trying to sound like a dick here, I mean this genuinely.)

That's really nice. And reminds me about this thing[0] I made when Firefox 3D view was available.

[0] https://github.com/rlopezcc/hexadom Edit: Formatting.

Wow, this is closely related to what I was thinking of doing.

Tracks in the racing simulator Assetto Corsa are simple 3D model files that have had a few hand modified additions using the editor distributed by the developers.

I wanted to take Elevation data and turn it into a big file of polygons, and then lay a road on top of that using freely available shapefiles that describe roadways, giving the user a smoother surface to drive on. I could either texture polygons using some land use data from the same shapefiles, or using satellite imagery.

Nice! Here's an interesting idea:

You could use a grayscale height map and apply textures based on relative or absolute height. Tallest point on the map? Must be a mountain. Cluster of points lower than the mean or median? Could be a lake or river.

Essentially, it would emulate real world feature distributions.

In a very early version even something like that was built in, I could actually bring in as an option again

The foreshortening seems off. The taller mountain is much taller when at the back, but roughly the same height as the other when at the front.

Just a small concern; looks pretty cool!

It's an isometric projection, not perspective

That is an optical illusion, if you are seeing that. Isometric view is a rectilinear, not perspective view. Apparent object size will not have any change in the z-axis, so there should not be any foreshortening.

I think you're right, it looks like it's growing as it rotates away.

Neat. Would be useful as a Unity plugin which might not be to hard to achieve as it’s already written in C#.

cocos2d-x mobile game engine (www.cocos2d-x.org) might benefit from developers being able to export to it.

Looks really cool, how can I run it?

What frameworks are you using? Having some trouble fitting VueSJ and ThreeJS together. COuld be curious to know your approach

this project is pure C# it only uses .net 4.0

or what do you mean? Vue JS and Three JS are javascript frameworks.

three.js is quite well suited to things like terrain generation. There's actually an example in the official docs - https://threejs.org/examples/webgl_terrain_dynamic.html - it wouldn't take much effort to swap out the noise generator for a heightmap.

Webdev kneejerk reaction I guess, haha.

Everything is web nowadays! Kudos for making a standalone application.

Drunk Haskell guy actually. :)

C# and its world might as well be a foreign language to some here...

Lol, my apologies I misunderstood the title :-D

sensible chuckle

Any way to run on OSX?

maybe with mono, I have not tried that yet.

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