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The Tech Industry’s Gender-Discrimination Problem (newyorker.com)
51 points by jdblair 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

Four hours without comment, not many upvotes, and clearly a flag or two. Hacker News doesn't want to face the demons in its own industry.

Seems that nobody wants to know that the darling Tesla is rotten at the core. Culture comes from the top. It's ok to love the technology, to the love the cars, but hate the culture, hate the sexism. You don't have to be complicit in their discrimination just because you see electric vehicles as the future. Hold your heroes to higher standards.

The message was sent loud and clear when Damore got fired. This is not a topic that is up for discussion.

I'm also surprised at the lack of activity. I found this to be a very well-written, well-researched look at the topic (and it's one I'm always a little skeptical about as a woman in tech who has never encountered any harassment or discrimination).

Well I upvoted this to read the comments that would be posted here, but I'm not enthusiastic about reading about most topics on the New Yorker, which always over-narrativizes and inflates the word count of its pieces.

Great publication, but I'm frequently interested in the discussion rather than the article itself.

I "vouched" for this to unflag it. Whether you agree with the content or not, the New Yorker is a legitimate source (famous for their fact checking, as a matter of fact) and the gender imbalance is a real and glaring facet of the tech industry.

Consider the demographic.

HINT: Its similar to Reddit's.

I was disappointed but not surprised when this submission was flagged. But now I'm impressed that it was unflagged and is generating at least a little discussion.

Can anyone tell me the rationale for the original flagging?

Does anyone have any thoughts about how to change workplace culture to be welcoming of all genders?

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