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Also everyone is welcome to review our code and to contribute to the codebase. It is an open source project. IIT-M incubated it but we want it to be community driven. FPGA based dev packages should be announced by jan , based on standard low cost FPGA boards. Dev parts based on ASIC parts will probably be announced 2nd quarter of next year assuming Feb/March tapeout.We would be glad to help other universities do their own tapeouts. One of the goals of Shakti is also to demystify the backend process.

Congratulation on the project. Where can one find the source? Is this the one? https://bitbucket.org/casl/shakti_public

Yes, we will update the C Class next month since our private line has a lot of foundry specific code that needs to be removed. The I class needs more work but the design is in place. It will also move to quad issue and would be a Cortex A72/75 class core. More importantly the basic slow IPs, UART, I2C, quad/Octal SPI, SDRAM controller, JTAG, DMA, PLIC will be FPGA and silicon proven and production quality. Will be very useful to other developers (non RISC-V also) as would the AXI bus.

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