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An app that finds NSFW photos on your phone? (apple.com)
24 points by OrgaHenry on Nov 13, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 18 comments

Ouch, my condolences :(

The whole concept of NSFW is ridiculous and one of the more embarrassing things about the "modern" workplace.

How so? Do you not think there is a level of professionalism required in a work setting?

How do you define "professionalism"? And for what purposes?

I’ll take that as a no...

That's the "professionalism" word that I object to, not your question :)

You may object to NSFW for a multitude of (better) reasons that have nothing to do with "we're in a context where we work for money".

There are a few apps right now that runs offline A.I. (instead of in the cloud) using the new CoreML in iOS 11 from Apple, including general object detection as well. But NSFW is a special unique use case.

Guess when you are a third party app running A.I. across entire user album you can't really do cloud anymore.

Disclaimer, developer of Polarr Album+ here (recently launched [1])

[1] https://techcrunch.com/2017/11/06/album-organizes-photos-wit...

Hey, your app looks dope! Will definitely try it out. How do you differentiate yourself from the built in AI that's in the default Photos app?

There is another app called Nude that does the same thing. Unclear what differentiates this one.

Yes I am aware of the Nude app and they launched about 3 weeks ahead of us. However, we think our app is much faster, more reliable and customizable. I am positive that you'd see a difference once you've tried both :)

p.s. we NEVER update any of your photos! All scannings are done locally on your own device.

Maybe this one doesn't send the photos back to the company's servers.

Indeed it does not, and never will ;)


Would be good if there was a way to switch off internet access to apps in iOS.

You actually can switch off cellular access of a certain app. You can also use airplane mode while you're using our app. We actually encourage our users to turn on airplane mode while using our app, because we want them to know it absolutely does not use the internet to scan your photos :)

I have never heard about both apps, but after a quick look in the App Store I read that Nude App has Break-In Alerts; the app takes photos of intruders and tracks break-in attempts. It seems like Orga does not have the same feature.

Try both and you will see the difference :)

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