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Activists hack ISIS mailing list hours after it was claimed to be unhackable (independent.co.uk)
65 points by SonicSoul on Nov 13, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments

>[x] claims [thing] is unhackable

>internet hacks [thing]

What an unfortunate and absolutely unpredictable series of events.

Real title is « Muslim activists hack Isis mailing list hours after terrorists claimed it was unhackable ». Why change it?

When I try copying the full title into the title box of the submit form it says that the original title is 8 characters to long so my guess is the OP removed the extraneous words so he/she could post it.

yep too long. i don't get why it's capped at 80, this comes up all the time

Seeing as this is "Hacker News" and The Independent is utter garbage it would be nice with some technical depth on how the actual hack was performed. Does anyone know if it's available anywhere? Even if it's "just" some old, known vulnerability that was exploited in a non-updated piece of mailing list software, it's still interesting.

The post wall still interesting showing the information war between sides and where they gather. The fact that UK citizens are do active is alarming to say the least.

We should probably spare a thought for those ISIS system admins then if anything we've read about how ISIS operates is anything to go by

For me, the thought I spare is "good riddance". Yes, heartless, but when daesh kills its dedicated own, I'm not shedding much tears. What I care about is stopping it from killing and enslaving others.

They may be "others". Unsurprisingly, ISIS is known to force people to work for them.

play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

It's not playing a stupid game if you got press-ganged into working for them.

So, rather than let intel agencies / law enforcement hack it and watch what is going on, they hacked it and then let them know?

Really not sure being a vigilante in such a "hot" space for law enforcement is useful.

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