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[flagged] Crypto Mining Scripts Explained (mycryptopedia.com)
47 points by bisade 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

I must give Coinhive cred for introducing AuthedMine:


> The JavaScript Miner, Simple UI and Captcha, when loaded from authedmine.com, will never start without asking for consent from the user

I was hoping for a more technical article though.

Same. This is HN and I was hoping for an in-depth look at how the whole thing works between the client & server, how credits are handled, what checks are in place to prevent cheating, etc.

I recently wrote a simple scanner that goes through a list of websites, accesses them with a headless browser and measures the CPU performance on the browser's process. It's fairly good at identifying obvious miners, but false positives are abound. It's available here: https://github.com/wrinkl3/MineSweepR

Any idea what metrics could be added for miner detection? I briefly considered proxying the browser's requests against a domain blacklist, but then you'd just end up with a more elaborate version of NoMine.

Does anyone have any data on how much on average the CPU is taxed from the mining?

From Kiro: However, if you give them an incentive to run the miner for longer durations (like giving them in-app rewards) it may be good.

I have such an incentive, that may keep tabs open all day. But if its 100% and degrades performance so much that will discourage users from doing it. I doubt it will work.

For Coinhive you can choose how many threads it should use and how much it should be throttled.

How much $$$ can you gain by exploiting visitor's CPUs?

This guy wrote a short post on mining income : https://medium.com/@MaxenceCornet/coinhive-review-embeddable...

Microscopic unless you have a lot of visitors. You will get much more from ads. However, if you give them an incentive to run the miner for longer durations (like giving them in-app rewards) it may be good.

Not just a lot of visitors, bit visitors that stay on your page a long time. Like the UFC video site that was caught out.

50 desktop users an hour a day for 2 years to meet the min payout.

5.5 billion answers

Yet another co-opting of the term "crypto"…

Not the title, which for once does provides a hint that it's about crypto currencies (the "mining" bit). It's the domain name that's disheartening.

Edit: Downvote all you want, I like my language stable. I also like more general terms to be shorter than specific ones.

From the HN guidelines:

Please don't comment about the voting on comments. It never does any good, and it makes boring reading.

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