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Here are both books. The question is: should you get the paper or e-book version? ;)

1. Paper: Paging Through History

> https://www.amazon.com/Paper-Through-History-Mark-Kurlansky/...

2. The Paper Trail: An Unexpected History of a Revolutionary Invention

> https://www.amazon.com/Paper-Trail-Unexpected-Revolutionary-...

I like to opt for the paper when I can, because then I own the book, instead of just a license to have it on my device.

I enjoy this comment combined with your user name.

If there isn't a promotional copy of either one that prints information about the evolving processes of papermaking on a reproduction sheet of that style of paper, there should be.

History of papyrus printed on papyrus, mention of palimpsest on a sheet with barely visible effaced writing, modern copy paper printed via desktop laser printer, etc.

It would be better than the coffee table book about coffee tables, with the fold out legs, so you could use it as a coffee table.

I seem to have misplaced my copy of "An Illustrated History of Book Burning".

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