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The Antique Cannabis Book (antiquecannabisbook.com)
102 points by wilsonfiifi 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 30 comments

Cannabis is truly a wonderful and amazing plant. There are many strains that can cure both bodily and mental ailments. Moderation is important, as heavy use of phytocannabinoids will downregulate your body's production of endocannabinoids.

Anecdotally, C. Indica dominant hybrids (Gorilla Glue #4[0] is my favorite) put me in a trance that allows me to focus on a coding task for hours. The only side effect is that my eyes are half-closed. The increase in mental acuity is on par with substituted phenethylamines or eugeroics.

The usual disclaimers apply: IANAD, don't listen to Internet strangers for medical advice, etc.

[0] https://www.leafly.com/hybrid/gorilla-glue-4

"Cure" is a strong word with little medical science backing up the claim, but "treat" is completely different notion and cannabis is a wonderful drug with very few side effects for treating a variety of conditions, both physical and mental.

For anyone that doesn’t remember websites (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=15631565), this is one of them.

This site inspired me to make my own medicine for common cold. It's more or less a green dragon tincture with Rum. I like to think that it really helps me, because it puts me to sleep, raises the body temperature and I drink more water.

I also recognized that it helps my digestion. If you know the Bristol Stool scale, my score is perfect the days after I used my medicine.

I've been using coconut oil or butter infused with (mostly CBD) ABV cannabis.

There is no better cold relief in my opinion than a spoonful of this and a steady supply of freshly-squeezed organic lemon juice with a pinch of salt.

Restful sleep, relief from body ache, improved appetite for Phase II; chicken soup.

I remember when I was much younger, when I would hear or read something about how cannabis has been used by humans for a very long time, I thought that it was like a kind of "conspiracy theory."

It's also used as one of the spices in Aceh, Indonesia:

"On the other hand, besides the various kinds of ingredients used to make the food, there is also some unusual ingredients involved in the making of the dishes, and i am very interested about that issue. You will be surprised if i tell you that Marijuana has been used as food ingredients. Yes, it is proven that marijuana is known to be one of the food ingredients in Aceh city, Sumatra island, Indonesia. Usage of marijuana and another kinds of drugs are strongly banned in indonesia. Drug trafficker will face a death sentence if caught by the police. However, using it as food ingredients is tolerable. Even the vice president, Jusuf Kalla legalized the usage of marijuana as a seasoning. The reasons that support this approval are the fact that the marijuana is being used only just to give local distinct flavor of Acehnese dishes. In addition, marijuana has been a spice that becomes a part of Acehnese cooking method. It is a part of a local tradition. One owner of the Acehnese restaurant in Jakarta was asked by a newspaper reporter, and she said, "Marijuana is available in any Acehnese kitchen just like coriander"."Marijuana is a widely-accepted cooking spice there". Most restaurants in Aceh use some pieces of marijuana leaves as a seasoning to cook rice, soups, as well as some entrees. Some examples of dishes that cooked with marijuana are, lamb curry, noodle soup, beef curry, etc. Local residents said that the dishes cooked with marijuana leaves will smell and taste better it will also give local distinct flavor. Many people said that food seasoned with Marijuana in Aceh is somewhat very delicious and addictive." [0]

[0]: http://nutritionfortheworld.wikifoundry.com/page/The+usage+o...

There's Cannabis, Peyote, San Pedro, Ayahuasca, Psilocybin containing mushrooms, Muscarin containing mushrooms, syrian rue, sinicuichi, morning glory, datura, mandrake, nicotiana Rustica, yopo, cebil...

Brother I am only tapping the outer layer of the historical use of entheogenic plants and fungi that have been in tribal use for spiritual ceremonies for thousands of years. This is not to mention any NON-entheogenic plants.

See India.


That's some old culture in those images, but how old exactly is hard to say for me. I'm no historian, but 1000s might well be true.


Don't know if this is the latest news, but they dated this two pound bundle of weed to 2700 years ago.

Wow 2 pounds can get you in serious trouble nowadays, pretty much all over the world. Death penalties and all.

Apparently they had to get special permission to move it from China to the UK for study.

Pppplease... We promise we will not consume it. :)

And I remember reading how you used to be able to beat your wife with a stick no bigger than your thumb. Doesn't mean anything about today.

...Because consuming plant matter is just like domestic violence?

unrelated side note... I think this is a great example of how much we use loaded language in rhetoric.

you turned "cannabis" to "plant matter" and "beat your wife with a stick no bigger than your thumb" to "domestic violence".

It's also amazing that this rhetorical technique is only useful to a modern audience that has been conditioned to associate certain feelings to the words.

Not disagreeing with your point, just thought it was interesting.

Pretty sure manipulation with loaded language is not unique to modern discourse. There seems to be an assumption that folks who predate modern tech were somehow unsophisticated or innocent. Not so - if anyone finds modern political antics entertaining, I highly recommend them Roman history.

While spotting rhetorical techniques, I'd throw out that my synonym-choice is more something that I've been trying to train myself out of - I tend to unconsciously take a step 'up' in generality when rephrasing elements of others' arguments, and it isn't a great habit. Sometimes it can be useful, but oftentimes muddies the waters. Been trying to retrain myself, obviously with mixed results.

Yeah, maybe I phrased my comment wrong. By "modern" I mean "contemporary" meaning the loaded words are only effective on people contemporary to the speaker who grasp the hidden context behind the words.

Out of curiosity, what do you imagine that my comment meant to say about today?

Just the usual 'people used to do it, so it's ok'. Maybe I read too much into it.

Yeah, I wasn't trying to say that, which is why I didn't say it! I do think a truth-based approach to drugs should be a part of general education, and that the current older generation has failed embarrassingly and awfully in its drug policies.

It'd be great to find out more of the cannabinoid profile of older cannabis. Recent times have shown such a focus on THC, and then finally an interest in CBD. I have a friend who finds CBD incredibly beneficial and calming of their symptoms, but really dislikes and cannot take THC as it aggrevates psychotic episodes for them.

If samples were around and we measured them, I would guess it would have a lower amount of both CBD and THC compared to today's 'standards'. There are no standards with cannabis though. It's one name for a multitude of species and strains which are aggressively bred and hybridized with many family trees. Now with our modern understanding of the plant, CBD high and THC low species, and THC high and CBD low (more prominent) are bred, along with everything in between.


1 pound bulk went from about $2 in the 1910's to $10 in 1920s back to $2 in 1930s. Adjusted for inflation and the chart data for years ending in 7's that's $34.49 in 1937, $136 in 1927, and $72 in 1917 per pound. Right now if you are a licensed producer you can sell bulk marijuana for processing for about $100 trim, $200-250 flower, in Oregon. So it sounds about right. It sells for $15 a gram retail, which is an incredible markup ($15 * 454g/pound = $6810 per pound) but the processors only get between 5-15% THC/CBD extraction yield per bulk pound, and for whatever reasons the retailers sell it at 100% markup.

Isn't 100% markup pretty common for retail in general?

Yes. There's no other way to get it legally.

In Oregon at least you can grow up to four plants for personal use [1], I assume Washington and Colorado have similar provisions.

1: http://www.oregon.gov/olcc/marijuana/Pages/FAQs-Personal-Use...

You would assume wrong about WA, much to my chagrin. I think CO allows it, though.


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